Two weeks ago, during the press conference, Cedric HAYERE (General Manager), recalled the pillars of the first ever World Schools Championship of Ultimate. Sport federations, local authorities and private companies will work together to allow the local french students meeting the youth of the world. They will build friendships and social skills, and with the young volunteers program, over 150 boys and girls can access to responsabilities!

He announced also the 10 mixed registered teams :
– Belgium DG
– Belgium FC
– Colombia
– England
– India
– Italy
– Slovak Republic
– Spain
– France

And the 10th is the Lycée Montesquieu Le Mans team. The LOC could offer a wild card to a local high school. The Lycée Montesquieu Le Mans won the French school championship in 2015. Since this win, they never missed the podium!

These ten teams will be welcomed and accompanied by 26 young Team Attachés. Young volunteers are extremely motivated, at ease with english spoken and followed advice by:
– Florence POIRON, Guest Team Referent HBC Nantes (EHF Champions League) and Team Assistant (Final Four EHF Cup 2016),
– Morgane JAVAUDIN, Team Attaché France Euro Women’s Handball France 2018,
– Philippe JULIARD, Team Attaché Belgium UEFA Euro 2016 Football.

One month ago, the young french players participated in a selection session. Looking forward 📸😉?!?