The LOC of the first ISF WSCU was in Marrakech last week, where the ISF Gymnasiade Schools Summer Games were taking place. More than 2000 young athletes met during this mega international multisports event (52 countries, 18 sports). It was a real opportunity to share information with teachers, coaches, schools sports managers…

After a first official presentation in Royan last year during the WFDF WCBU, then following some discussions by Cedric HAYERE and Ludovic ROMANO in Olbia during the ISF Event Manager and Communication Manager’s Seminar, Thomas GRENAPIN was able to put flyers in the sporting village of the Gymnasiade and discuss with 17 countries to offer them mini-discs to encourage the sharing of the project in their network!

Albania, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Chinese Taipei, Croatia, England, Estonia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Morocco, Portugal, Russia, USA, Spain, UAE…

“Most people show an incredible amount of interest for this self-refereed sport, where boys and girls can play in the same team. Some however, don’t know Ultimate so well and need training and equipment. This activity is rarely in schools sports federation programs. It is therefore an exciting challenge to organize this first competition with 12 teams next year in Le Mans! Thanks a lot to anybody I met for taking the time to hear me out!”

The LOC is 100% available for more information and will be very happy to welcome you to this great youth, sports and sharing experience!

Next step: help national schools sports federations to get in touch with clubs and national federations of Ultimate!

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