In the MMArena Stadium, it was in front of nearly 2000 spectators that the 10 delegations played their final game. The French team became the first team to win the ISF World Schools Championship of Ultimate.

Despite the defeat, the English players were so happy with their second place: “I’m incredible proud about the team, they played their best game today. We are from a school in a small village in England and we played against the national French team, it’s outstanding…”, said the English coach Matthew Beavan. The English young player Sebastian Hart, shared the same opinion: “It’s my really best experience, it was incredible to play in a stadium like this, it was very fun!”.

On their side, the French delegation celebrated their victory. “It’s amazing to be the first ISF World Schools Champions of Ultimate. I want to say thank you to my coaches, my friends and all young players I met this week. My dream cames true!”, replied Elliot Bonnet, the leader of the French team.

One thing is for sure, all teams leave this championship with good memories!

Final standings:
1- France
2- England
3- Slovakia
4- India
5- Le Mans
6- Colombia
7- Spain
8- Belgium FC
9- Italy
10- Belgium DG

Spirit of the game:

[Amandine & Othélie (Young Reporters)]

Photo: Le Mans Stadium