In the German speaking Community of Belgium there is no club and no federation of Ultimate. The participation is the initiative of the schools PE teacher.

Colette Renardy – Head of delegation, Belgium DG:

“Players are training in the school twice a week and they are in contact with the French Community of Belgium for general and technical advise. It’s only on school level! So no one has got an international experience.

Outside the competition, we expect to know better about the way how to implement Ultimate in all our schools. Because I am convinced that the fair-play mission of this activity is great and an example of student behavior education.

I know it’s always difficult to find the required number of countries to organise a first ever world schools championship. Congratulations to the LOC!”

Qualification schedule (Gr. B):
– Tuesday 10:00 vs India
– Tuesday 14:00 vs Belgium FC
– Wednesday 9:30 vs Slovak Republic
– Wednesday 14:00 vs Colombia

– Joé Adler #1
– Iwan Bodelier #9
– Kay Henning #6
– Joshua Ligges #5
– Lucas Meessen #8
– Liam Nyssen #12
– Tillmann Roth #2
– Tessa Dahmen #4
– Charlotte Huynen #11
– Amelie Langen #3
– Tara Röll #7
– Harjot Singh #10

Coaches: Angèle Bonni, Markus Geron

Head of delegation: Colette Renardy

Team Attachés: Anaïs, Ludivine (Lyc Montesquieu Le Mans)