Ultimate has been growing fast in Colombia during the last 10 to 15 years. Thanks to the spirit of the game, Ultimate has been able to run inclusive projects in sensitive areas in the country. Colombia had international representation since 2004 in the different divisions, U17, U20, U24, Senior and Masters.

Camila Pelaez – Colombia, Head of delegation:

“Young players started playing Ultimate at their schools where a lot of the coaches are from famous clubs of Colombia. Then they joined an official team.

Our players will be selected from the junior team of Revolution Ultimate Club and will be having practices together before the tournament. Also, most of our players have participated in international competitions, like US Youth Club Championship.

International competition like the 1st World Schools Championship is a great opportunity for all our kids to get to know different cultures and open their minds to new things. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity for all of them to learn about the world and be inclusive with everyone. For the cultural exchange evening, wWe will bring the best from our country… but it is a surprise!

Qualification schedule:
– Tuesday 11:15 vs Slovak Republic
– Tuesday 16:30 vs Belgium FC
– Wednesday 10:30 India
– Wednesday 14:00 Belgium DG

– Lina María Montoya Salazar
– Laura Duque Arroyave
– Violeta Saldarriaga Ramirez
– Samuel Alejandro Molina Otálvaro
– Tomas Jaramillo Moreno
– Marcos Santiago Barrera
– Simón Quintero
– Pablo Velosa

Coaches: Mauricio Moore, Alejandra Torres, Julián Jaramillo

Head of delegation: Camila Pelaez

Team Attachés: Maud, Lou-Anne, Paul (Lycée Yourcenar Le Mans)