Ultimate is a growth sport in England. 15 years ago it would be rare to meet people who knew what the sport was, however now, the most of people are at least aware that it exists. UK hosts some of the largest national tournaments in Europe.

Nicholas Sampson – Head of delegation, England:

“We have been running trials to select our squad that will compete at the tournament. This has included matches against local club and university teams. Our school is very rural and there are few other junior school programs anywhere near us to play. We have training sessions each week during lunchtimes or after school.

Some of our players have represented Great Britain at U17 and U20 levels, but for others this will be their first experience playing at an international tournament.

Our school started playing ultimate when a current player moved to teach here and introduced the sport. Through his efforts and hard work, Ultimate has become increasingly popular with our students and we now have students playing from ages 10-18. We are fortunate to be in a position where the school supports the sport really well with teachers and parents taking a real interest in it.

We are firm believers that mixed Ultimate is fantastic for junior players. It’s very rare that students have the opportunity to play mixed gender sport between the age of 11-18, and we believe that it helps teaches skills and lessons that one gender sports do not at an age when students often work and socialise much more closely with their own gender!

Qualification schedule (Gr. A):
– Tuesday 10:00 vs France
– Tuesday 15:15 vs Italy
– Wednesday 10:30 vs Le Mans
– Wednesday 15:00 vs Spain

– Toby Nicholas #1
– Ethan Shepherd #9
– Thomas Leyland #11
– Sebastian Hart #7
– Ethan Morrell #5
– Edward Blackman #10
– Luisa Leyland #8
– Jessica Barker #2
– Niamh Rooney #6
– Abigail Stacey #12
– Hannah Jarvis #4
– Alexandra Vero #3

Coaches: Matthew Beavan, Sophie Beavan

Head of delegation: Nicholas Sampson

Team Attachés: Mathieu, Amiah, Cléa (Lyc Touchard Le Mans)

[Photo: flikulti.com]