The event will have many variety of objectives ! Mixed teams, fair-play, development, international experience, visibility of Ultimate… We collected last week some words from two registered countries. Part 2: Italy.

Davide MORRI – Italia, Coach :

“In Italy, we have more and more schools players and we organized tournaments between them since a long time ago. But the Ufficio Scolastico Italiano officialy recognized Ultimate like a real sport since February 2018 only. The school which will come to Le Mans has got an important and old Ultimate tradition. This school is usually the Emilia Romagna Region champion.

With this first World Schools Championship of Ultimate, we want to give them an international experience! This event is very important in terms of visibility to fix Ultimate like a real important point for the education of young people.

I’ll be glad to be back in Le Mans. I went in 2001 for Le Festival des Lycéens. My students played Basket-ball and… already Ultimate tournaments !”