Thursday the 7th of June 2018, Cedric HAYERE welcomed Volker BERNARDI, Executive Director of the World Flying Disc Federation, and Jerome GILOT, UNSS Deputy Director in charge of Ultimate.

For this first technical visit of the first ISF World Schools Championship of Ultimate 2019, the goal  was to check all the competition and accomodation venues. To end these visits, a media point was organised with François EDOM, Le Mans Deputy Mayor in charge of sports.

Friday the 8th of June 2018, the delegation went to the French School Ultimate Championship in Domont, near Paris.
First the delegation has a meeting with Laurent PETRYNKA, UNSS Director and ISF President, Franck LEYGUES, FFDF President and Ludovic ROMANO, Technical Director of Schools Ultimate Championship, to make possible concrete bases of cooperation between all the structures. In the afternoon, participants attented the final and prize ceremony.

All were pleased by quality of the organization project and mostly about collaboration in our world event.

Next date in April 2019 for the last check before the event!