Important dates

2018, April

Launching of the website

2018, May 2-9th

LOC will be at Marrakech during ISF Gymnasiade Schools Summer Games to present the event to ISF members countries.

2018, June

Bulletin 1

2018, August 18-25th

LOC will be at Waterloo during WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships.

2018, September

ERAS Phase 1 – First registration of intention to participate (by national school sports federation).


2019, November

ERAS Phase 2 – Number of people of the delegation and deposit.


2019, March

Bulletin 2
Sporting regulations
ERAS Phase 3 – Personal informations registration and payment.


2019, May

Official news conference (Draw)

2019, June 24th

Bienvenue au Mans !