Official… Due to exceptional weather conditions, we have to modify the competition schedule.

The end of the group matches which were supposed to take place on Tuesday afternoon at the Stade Delaune are re-scheduled on Thursday june 27th at 9:00 at the Stade Delaune field.

Moreover, the « Crossovers » will be replaced by crossed semi-finales opposing the 1st to 2nds and 3rd to 4th of each group. They will take place, on Thursday, too at 11:00 also at the Stade Delaune.

The Friday’s programme at the Stade MMArena will be modified as followed:
– 10:00 Final 9/10
– 11:00 Finale 7/8
– 12:00 Finale 5/6
– 14:00 Finale 3/4
– 15:00 Finale 1/2

Updated… All the information, match programs, results, tickets… are available online on this event’s webpage: