Ultimate is growing at a face pace in India. With so many programs running in different schools and communities for character building, respecting individuality, developing sportsmanship, it is sure winning hearts of many players.

“Our squad was selected through a rigorous try out at Fountainhead School. For more than 4 months we’ve trained together, twice a week. We’ve also participated as a team in 3-4 local tournaments. In June, we train every day and conduct a 2-3 days of training camp.

Everyone in the squad has been playing ultimate for at least 2 years, some upto 6 years. With their clubs, they regularly take part in the national tour tournaments as well as local tournaments.

We think mixed teams are a great opportunity to work on biases, not just in the mind but also on field. It also helps in developing a sense of respect, ownership for mistakes and patience for each other, to ultimately play as a team.

We expect to interact a lot with the foreign delegations and learn as much from them. We are thrilled about promoting India. Since March, we are thinking about what exciting should we bring for the cultural exchange evening!”

Qualification schedule (Gr. B):
– Tuesday 10:00 vs Belgium DG
– Tuesday 15:15 vs Slovak Republic
– Wednesday 10:30 vs Colombia
– Wednesday 15:00 vs Belgium FC

– Aangi Sanghavi
– Aayesha Memon
– Ansh Kapadia
– Ayush Patel
– Harit Khadepaw
– Helly Sheth
– Khushi Desai
– Maulish Shah
– Smit Sutariya
– Swayam Narang
– Vaishvi Kapadia
– Viha Shah

Coaches: Vardan Kabra, Jagdish Sansare

Head of delegation: Linkee Arora

Team Attachés: Mathilde, Marie, Margot (Lyc Yourcenar Le Mans)