Today, India played a match against Belgium FC. At the end of the match, Indians and Belgians gave gifts to each other and delivered speeches.

An Indian player explained: “The gift comes from a little girl who stayed in India and she made it, so it’s a very special gift, it was not just bought from a market and offered. There’s someone behind it.”

The gift, a keychain on which it is written “MVP India” and “MSP India” was “a way to show how they appreciated the other team”, as this player said: “We saw that they played really well and gave one hundred percent of themselves. We wanted to give them something special, so we made sure that they felt well.”

At the end of the match, the Indian team also played a small game. They told us “This is a game we learned in our tournaments in India to have fun with other teams after the matches. This is a game we only play in ultimate, I don’t know if they do it in other sports but it is really a way to have a lot of fun with the other teams.”

This gift and the game are evidence of the Indians’ good game spirit. Even if they keep the competition in mind they know how to create friendships ties and to have fun with others.

[Marie (Young Reporter)]