Today it’s the final of the ISF World Schools Championships of Ultimate in the MMArena Stadium, in Le Mans, France. It’s a great opportunity for pupils from primary schools to discover the big Le Mans stadium, to attend to high level games and to organize a small trip out of the establishment. Altogether, around 44 schools have come to support the players.

Mrs Bruneau, a teacher from Moncé-en-Belin primary school, came with four classes! Another one from La Fontaine-St-Martin said: “We took our students and went to an ultimate school tournament a few weeks ago. They played ultimate so we wanted them to go and see real matches. They really enjoy this kind of trip despite the heat.”

Indeed, many schools hesitated to come because of the hot weather of this week. But finally, it does not seem to be a problem for those who are here: “I know the place so I knew that we could be in the shade and I think that if USEP (the organisation in charge of organising such events for primary shcools) allows the organisation of the event, it is safe.”

Florine Briant, a teacher from Louis Pasteur school in Mamers, brought four classes of pupils from fourth and fifth grades. She explained: “We’ve practised ultimate in our school this year and we couldn’t qualify for the departmental competition between the French primary schools. When we heard of this international competition, we were looking forward to being part of the audience.” She told us that the students were really excited. “We were afraid that there would be restrictions because of the heat, but finally all the audience is in the shade, and as you can see, our school is supporting one team in particular.”

Indeed during the Spain vs Belgium FC match, her students were singing the name of Spain!

[Sophie & Marie (Young Reporters)]