For this championship, everybody is lucky enough to have a great weather. But if we can enjoy the sun, we also suffer the intense heat of this week. Indeed, it is the biggest heatwave France underwent in the last decade : the temperature peak this week is 313K (40°C) ! We asked a few people, who take part in this championship on the playing field or just as spectators, about it.

Two Young Rescuers explained that they make sure that all the players use sunscreen and drink a lot of water.
Young Officials said that they are protected from the sun and the heat thanks to their caps and tents. One of them told us ‘”I find the players very dynamic despite this hot weather !”. This is also what think the spectators. We asked a woman who “came early to avoid the big heat of the afternoon.” “I know a player from Montesquieu Team , she said, and he told me that the game makes him forget that he’s hot.”
As the Cheerleaders said, it is very hard to undergo the heat, but “we have a few pauses during the matches” one of them explains. “We should not complain because players need us to cheer them up.” So it is with commitment and courage that the people who take part in the championship are fighting the big heat to make this competition an unforgettable moment.

However, it doesn’t look like a big deal for anyone : “Particularly to us, Colombians, the heat is not at all a problem since we are used to playing in hot weather. We live in a tropical region so we are not really affected by that.” Effectively, as other players from the same team told us, they are used to an average temperature of 301K (28°C).
On the other hand, the European teams are not used to a very hot weather. ”For us it is very hard because we don’t have this kind of heat in Spain”, a player of the Spanish team explains. An english player tells us : ”It definitely makes the matches more difficult because in England, we are not used to these temperatures.”

The players try to drink a lot of water and often put some sunscreen on. Some of them even bring ice packs as a refreshment. As we can see on the photo, a few bins filled with water are disposed regularly on the fields, which allows the players to refresh during the pauses. More time is given to the players to recover: they are given pauses every fifteen minutes.
Indeed, there were modifications in the tournament due to this weather: all the matches of wednesday afternoon have been postponed to the following day.

[Sophie & Marie (Young Reporters)]