Slovakia currently has 7 regular clubs and the base of the players is growing each year. The country has started Ultimate High Shool League two years ago, and we’d like to start Ultimate University League as well to spread Ultimate even more.

Martin Keseg – Head of delegation, Slovak Republic:

“The team is based on the winners of this year’s Ultimate High School League. Only three players are added to the team from other schools. The majority of the team trains together in club Outsiterz.

Only some of the players have experience of playing against international teams as they are or used to be a part of one of the Slovak national teams. The rest of the players have some experience on the club level. In general they play ultimate for about two years on average.

Outside the competition, our players are very excited to meet students from all over the world. Kids have discussed a lot about cultural exchange evening, they want to make an impression! I hope it twill end to be a great one!”

Qualification schedule (Gr. B):
– Tuesday 11:15 vs Colombia
– Tuesday 15:15 vs India
– Wednesday 9:30 vs Belgium DG
– Wednesday 11:30 vs Belgium FC

– Bianca Zoe Bieliková #29
– Kristián Čabala #72
– Zuzana Vavrová #99
– Klaudia Lukacková #15
– Filip Molnár #53
– Filip Mitske #80
– Monika Struhárová #14
– Robert Popelka
– Rudolf Kožík #24
– Lukáš Obermajer #42
– Linh Phamová #95
– Adam Jakuš #97

Coaches: Lucia Pekárová, Martin Bolvanský

Head of delegation: Martin Keseg

Team Attachés: Mathis, Zoé, Louanne (Lyc Touchard Le Mans)