The French Schools Championship of Ultimate will take place in Domont near Paris at the beginning of June (4th-8th). Which of these teams will represent France for the 1st World School Championship of Ultimate in Le Mans next year?

  • Lycée Germaine Tillion, Montbeliard (Besançon)
  • Lycée Armand Peugeot, Valentigney (Besançon)
  • Lycée Etienne Bezout, Nemours (Créteil)
  • Lycée Gustave Eiffel, Dijon (Dijon)
  • Lycée François Mauriac Forez, Andrezieux Bouthéon (Lyon)
  • Lycée Dessaignes, Blois (Orléans-Tours)
  • Lycée Montesquieu, Le Mans (Nantes)
  • Lycée Gérard De Nerval, Luzarches (Versailles)

Beaugency (Orléans-Tours), the current champions, won’t be defending their title this year. But be careful! Le Mans, Blois, Montbeliard and Valentigney were just behind last year and are back again. Le Mans is very motivated to play this 1st World Schools Championship at home too. Young local players have participated since the birth of the French Schools Championship in 2012 and finished 4 times on the podium (1 title in 2014).

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Good luck everybody! Have a great competition, with the best spirit of the game!

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