In Spain, Utimate is an unkown sport for most of people. There are more teams every year but it’s still played by a small number of players.

Otilia García – Spain, Coach:

“My team isn’t a national selected squad. All players are from a highschool of the Spanish north coast. They played together since 4 years and often participated to small local tournaments. We have no international experience… but our main qualities are friendship and team spirit!

We want to meet people from all over the world with the same interest in Ultimate and share experiences, advises for a better development!”

Qualification schedule (Gr. A):
– Tuesday 14:00 vs France
– Tuesday 16:30 vs Le Mans
– Wednesday 11:30 vs Italy
– Wednesday 15:00 vs England

– Raquel Arroyo González #8
– Paula Pérez Cobo #12
– Elena Mantecón Anuarbe #5
– Tania Prendes Vila #13
– Marina Carral Pando # 4
– Mario Abad Bustillo #21
– León García Ocejo #17
– Diego Tejerina García #0
– Lucas Laso Gutiérrez #46
– Mateo Abascal Druille #19
– David Vegas Pérez #11
– Alejandro Ocejo Díaz #10.

Coaches: Otilia García, Rocío Moral

Team Attachés: Eloïse, Cordélia and Margaux (Lyc Bellevue Le Mans)