On Friday, after the final match between Slovakia and India, we interviewed the coach of Slovakia team about few points about his squad and their victory.

As expected, he defined his team as “a strong team with a strong will”, a point that he considers the best quality of Slovakian team”. However, he thinks that there are aspects players have to consolidate for the next championship: “Yes, there are many things we have to improve for the next championship, like our mental, our strenght sometimes, and we have many skills we must develop”, he said. ” If we can do that, we definitely want to take part to another international championship!”.

But to take part to this kind of competition, players have to speak English… Still, it seems not to be a problem for the team: “I don’t think the language is a barrier. I think that all the kids of the Slovakian team speak english better than me! So that’s not a problem for them. And even if there was a language barrier during the championship, we asked Team Attachés to translate what we wanted to say, so it was very easy! I’ve talked a lot with coaches from other teams, especially from England, India and I spoke a lot with Italian coach too!”

Finally, he told us about his french experience: “That was ok, yes…”, he said. “That was very good. I would just say… the players at today’s breakfast were saying – Oh, baguette, again baguette! We always eat that for breakfast! Oh man, I want to go home to eat something salty! – But I told them they are in France so they should enjoy differences. It’s also good for them to discover other countries. Here, in France, we had fun, the organisation was perfect! Thanks to the volunteers, the coaches, the Team Attachés… Yes… the organisation was very nice!”.

So we can understand that the Slovakian team had a great time in France and that, in addition to their talent in Ultimate, it also helped them to win the 3rd place of this ISF world schools championship, after England (at the 2nd place) and France (at the 1st place)! Congratulations!

[Sophie & Marie (Young Reporters)]