The last training day for the 150 young volunteers took place last Wednesday. It was also the general rehearsal for the 70 young artists who will animate the official opening and closing ceremonies. As for the adult organizers, they met last Friday at the “Maison Departementale des Sports” for the last details.

Thanks to a Facetime call, the official ambassador of the event, Steve Bonneau, a professional player in Canada (Royal Montréal) and a french international player, could drive the draw and then give us his first feelings!

Two pools of 5 teams each were formed for the qualifying phases of the competition:
Group A: France, England, Italy, Le Mans, Spain
Group B: Belgium DG, India, Slovak Republic, Colombia, Belgium FC

“The group A is European, there will be many derbies, it’s always exciting! In theory, the level looks high because these nations have worked hard the last few years to develop the Ultimate among the young people, Italy, more particularly.

In the group B, Colombia will be coached by Mauricio Moore who is excellent in the technique. Belgium is a good nation too. India is not always present on the international games but they must not come to make up the numbers.

I’m really looking forward to being there to live this week of sharing with you all!”

The two matches which will open the competition on Tuesday 25th June (10:00 AM) at the University stadium will be France vs England and Belgium DG vs India.

All the information about the program of the games, the results, the ticket office to attend the finals at the Stadium MMArena on Friday 28th June are on this dedicated website.