“Some of the players know the rules better than the others. We are also here to learn rules and teach self-referee system !”. These were the words of Ludovic Romano (Technical Manager) before the beginning of the competition.

The two teams of Belgium are the least experienced teams. On the occasion of the derby between Belgium FC and Belgium DG (Qualifications Gr. B – Game 6), Markus Geron, coach of the german-speaking team of Belgium and Olivier Broset, head of delegation of the Belgian FC team answered a few questions.

« Our students are beginners. We trained only for one year before coming to this event, every wednesday afternoon. »

How does it feel to play against another team from Belgium ?

“It’s probably easier to progress technically and tactically when we play against a team with a same level like Belgium FC rather than a stronger team like France or India. However we have played against Colombia this morning and it was nice experience too. Young players learned a lot about self-arbitration during the huddle because Colombian players are not beginners like us.”

At the end of each match, players make a huddle and discuss about rules and self-referee system. The adults of the technical commission can listen them and give advices to improve the spirit for the next games!

[Amandine & Othélie (Young Reporters)]