The ISF World School Championship of Ultimate 2019 is a huge event which isn’t only based on players and on the game but young volunteers play a major part too. They are many young teenagers (150), from middle schools and high schools, and they help the teams and the organizers to manage the competition through the different tasks they accomplish.

Among them, there are the Young Sport Officials who are directly in contact with the players (timekeeper, score board operator, advisor) : “We watch the match, write the marked points and gestures which are realized on the playing-field”, Mona tells us, a young official from Collège Jean Cocteau Coulaines. “The communication with players is rather easy because we talk in English!”

There are the Team Attachés, who are in charge of the hospitality, who follow the teams, check if they have their accreditations, show them what to do and where to go. Louanne, one of them, explains that her tasks are easy given, that the team she’s in charge of is a French team so she can easily talk to the players.

We can also find the Young Rescuers. They must find people who were injured during the match and to relieve them with the help of adults. “For now, we don’t have anything to do because nobody was hurt yet”, says Clément, a young rescuer from Collège Pasteur Yvré l’Evêque. This is comforting news for everyone, and we hope it will continue that way!

Young Reporters are volunteers too. They take videos and photos of the key moments during the event, they write articles, manage the social medias, interview the different teams, players, organizers and report the results of the matches. We asked what young reporters like to do the most and they answered “Taking photos, preparing interviews and holding the cameras…”.

Even if the role of Young Volunteers is very serious, it’s also a good opportunity for them to have fun, discover jobs and sports sides they didn’t know before!

Other roles for this event: Cheerleaders, Green Unit, Young Security Agents, Artists…

[Marie (Young Reporter)]